• Susan

Downtown Vibes

We've been operating for a few weeks now and I must say, downtown is not as "scary" as some people have made it out to be. When you read Facebook comments under every Peterborough Examiner article, it can be intimidating to open up a business in the downtown core with all that you hear in the news. As someone who grew up in the Cavan area, I'm used to a small community vibe where everyone knows your name. The same goes for Downtown Peterborough. People live above the shops and restaurants and there is definitely a downtown community vibe. I've had so many positive interactions with people in the area. Sure, there is the odd person who is struggling with mental health and drug addiction issues on the street, but the media (and people who don't live in town) make it sound much worse than it really is. All of the business owners know and help one another out and the people who live here are friendly as well.

I've seen Facebook comments where people compare Downtown Peterborough to Toronto and those people either have never lived in Toronto...or Downtown Peterborough... or both. I challenge you to come explore downtown and see that it is not scary but actually a very vibrant and beautiful place to spend your time.


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