• Susan

First Week Completed!

Well, we did it! We have completed our first week of business. I'm very grateful to see so many familiar faces from my previous restaurant come in to try something new! I'm also feeling very grateful for already seeing repeat customers. As we wait for our liquor license to finalize, we've been trying to perfect our menu offerings and we've been working out all the little kinks to our operation which is why we have not started serving oysters yet. You can expect oysters to be served around mid/late March depending on when we get our liquor license.

One of the biggest surprises since opening has been seeing how many people love our vegetarian/vegan options. We serve a 100% vegan pho where the broth is made from an in house made vegetable stock. People have been ecstatic about it. I did not realize that other restaurants were serving beef stock with vegetables on it - which defeats the purpose of making it vegetarian...... our vegan pho is topped with a generous portion of golden fried tofu, bokchoy, mushrooms and onions! It's a total comfort food item that is a must try. As someone who is not vegetarian/vegan, I think it is delicious!

Everyday we take customer feedback very seriously so we can continue improving our offerings. Growing up in the area, I always felt there was a lack of ethnic diversity in restaurants choices and I'm super happy to be changing that on Hunter Street. I hope you'll pop in soon and please introduce yourself and give me any feedback you have!


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