• Susan

Running a Restaurant During COVID-19

I can now say I have one full day of operating during COVID-19 under my belt. Our first day back was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We converted our workspaces so we can pack more food, packed every sauce into containers and figured out a way to manage online and phone orders at the same time while making sure payments match up and the accounting isn't too confusing.

One of the harsh realities of operating at this time is dealing with suppliers. With less business, suppliers are delivering less often and certain products are harder to come by because flights are grounded. We are making the best of it and fortunately people are very understanding.

I started my day off on a negative note because I was focused on a negative review left by a customer (on our first day back - ouch right?). We can't win everyone's love and I am definitely still learning. Unlike some business owners, I actually don't mind negative reviews especially if they give constructive feedback. It still bothers me when someone did not see the value in something I provided. I dwelled on it for most of the morning. I got here early today to start prepping and eventually I just had to change my mindset. Being alone in the restaurant gives me a feeling of control and calm, knowing I'm the only person who can make the difference in how I feel. The positives are all around me and it's my decision whether I allow a negative event get to me.

Working through this pandemic gives me an opportunity to get creative so I'm excited to see if I can overcome this once in a lifetime (hopefully) challenge. I appreciate all the support we've received so far. I love doing what I do and I'm only just beginning. Drop me a line if you ever want to chat restaurants, business, food or whatever! Email me at


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